Joy Olsen

Clay is the medium I enjoy working in the most. As a child I remember being amazed that something beautiful  and permanent could be made from clay. I thought it was magic and to some extent, still believe that to be true. Earth's elements finely ground, carefully combined and tested, then painted onto clay objects, fired to incredible temperatures with wonderous and colourful results... is I say, magic!

The environment surrounding me has a strong influence over all my creative endeavours. Shoreline  creatures of the Salish Sea, along with the unique sandstone formations found here on the Gulf Islands, are embodied in my work.  
I am constantly inspired and excited by what can be learned while working with clay. Although a medium of the ancients, we potters of the present are all on the edge of discovering new possibilities every day -- combining new technologies, ancient and current knowledge and our individual imaginations… a very exciting world!

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